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A seasoned senior enlisted special operations (spec ops) United States Marine is wounded during combat operations in Iraq. He is retired from the Marine Corps and visits a friend on a ranch in the south west. When he arrives he discovers his friend has disappeared and no one will even admit to knowing of him.
During operation Desert Storm in Iraq, the tough Marine Sergeant of Special Operations MacPherson and his great pal and family man, the Mexican Corporal Miguel Silva, are seriously wounded and retired. Later, the veteran and traumatized marine is insistently invited by Miguel to visit him in his lands in New Lago, a location nearby the border with Mexico. When MacPherson arrives in the town, he does not find his friend and he gets no information from the locals about Miguel. Soon he realizes that the CEO of Halicorp and vigilante, Rhodes, is buying cheap lands, giving infrastructure, constructing buildings, housing and facilities using slave labor from the needy Mexicans and making lots of money. When MacPherson finds that his family and friend have been executed by Rhodes, he promises to bring hell to God's land.
While loosely based around the exploitive nature of modern Western business, for some reason this film decides to throw in a shattered Iraq war veteran into the mix and a town on the brink of corrupt prosperity.<br/><br/>Confused? Well the film is not confusing to understand per se, but the message is. And Val Kilmer is rather robotic in it also.<br/><br/>It feels like the writers just gave up midway through and decided that they had dug themselves into too much of a &quot;preachy&quot; hole and made it into a revenge flick.<br/><br/>Part Western, part war, part mystery, and part rubbish, this film is just one of those where you leave the cinema thinking &quot;Thank God these were free tickets!&quot; Mixed messages and traditional action movie sequences combine for a poor piece of cinema. Not one for the collection and not a sleeper flick either.
First, let me say that Val Kilmer does a great job at being a badass.<br/><br/>Case in point: The stupid guy punches at him, he dodges and Stupid smashes a glass display case. The dumb guy charges him and ends up running into a table, breaking it. The dumb guy, desperate, stabs Kilmer in the leg with a knife; Kilmer pulls up his pants leg to reveal a prosthesis. In one final show of awesomeness, Stubborn Dumb Guy charges him, he dodges and the dumbass flies headfirst through a plate glass window.<br/><br/>Recap: Val Kilmer just beat the crap out of a guy without even touching him.<br/><br/>Later, he even manages to be badass while telling a young girl that his favorite flavor of ice cream is Chunky Monkey.<br/><br/>Back to the film: It starts out with a Stephen King-esquire feel (a man&#39;s friend has disappeared, and no one will admit to knowing him), but quickly turns into a movie more like No Country for Old Men.<br/><br/>Overall, a superb action movie. 7/10

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